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Meet The Team

Onward Physical Therapy | Dr. Brian Bradford, PT, DPT
Dr. Brian Bradford, PT, DPT

Brian received his doctorate in physical therapy from Grand Valley State University in 2019. Prior to that, he studied Movement Science and Biochemistry at the University of Michigan and worked as a missionary. Brian became a physical therapist because he enjoys sharing his passion for health and fitness with others, especially those who are looking to get past the inevitable aches and pains that accompany an active lifestyle. He is a member of the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy; his practice interests include strength and conditioning, rehabilitation of injured runners and fitness athletes, ACL injury rehab, and injury risk reduction.

Outside of work, you will find Brian running, lifting weights, hiking/camping/backpacking with his wife, and listening to podcasts about work.

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Onward Physical Therapy | Dr. Joe Hanisko, PT, DPT, CERT.CMFA
Dr. Joe Hanisko, PT, DPT, CERT.CMFA

Dr. Hanisko received his doctorate in physical therapy from Grand Valley State University. Joe came to GVSU after completing his bachelor’s degree from Alma College in Integrated Physiology and Health Science. Joe blends a unique treatment approach of manual therapy (dry needling, manipulation, cupping) with high skill movement analysis and strength training.

In addition to being owner of Onward Grand Rapids and clinical physical therapist Joe assumes a role as adjunct faculty for the Clinical Management of Fitness Athletes division under the Instituce of Clinical Excellence (ICE). Over weekend courses he teaches physical therapists around the country on how to improve their skills with treating athletes of all kinds. Joe is an avid CrossFit athlete and olympic weightlifter, but in general lives and breathes fitness and believes all people deserve the right to move PAIN FREE.

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Onward Physical Therapy | Dr. Jolene Weesjes, PT, DPT, CERT.CMFA
Dr. Jolene Weesjes, PT, DPT, CERT.CMFA

Dr. Jolene received her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Michigan and has worked in the outpatient orthopedic setting since 2016. Since then she has been certified in Advanced Dry Needling, Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete, Sportsmetrics, Blood Flow Restriction Training, and Pelvic Corrective Exercise Specialist. She has also studied the McKenzie method.

She holds a special interest in treating those with athletic injuries—runners, triathletes, weekend warriors, and CrossFitters alike. Jolene believes that movement is the best medicine and she is passionate about helping her patients reach their rehab and fitness goals.

Outside of work, Jolene can often be found participating in CrossFit and local triathlons, doing road or trail races, camping, or doing DIY projects. She also dedicates time back to her community with her leadership in November Project Grand Rapids and coaching at her gym.

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